Dietrich Georg Kieser (1779-1862)


Dietrich Georg Kieser was born on August 24, 1779 as son of pastor Christoph Ludwig Kieser and his wife Sophie Warmer in Harburg. After attending grammar school, he studied medicine in Göttingen from 1801, where he also received his doctorate in 1804. He then worked in Winsen an der Luhe and in Northeim as a general practitioner.

In 1812 Kieser accepted an appointment as an associate professor at the University of Jena. From 1813 he was also "Brunnenarzt" (spa doctor) in the Berka spa (today Bad Berka). Kieser worked as a military doctor in 1814/15 and then again at the university of Jena. Here he was appointed full professor of medicine in 1824.

From 1831 to 1848, Kieser was also a member and temporary Vice-President of the Landtag (state parliament) of Saxe-Weimar. He used his duties to get involved in improving the care of the mentally ill. In 1831 he founded a private surgical ophthalmic clinic, which he managed until 1847. After that he was director of the lunatic asylum in Jena until 1858. Between 1827 and 1848 Kieser also held the office of rector of the University of Jena several times. On his 75th birthday, the university of Jena awarded him an honorary doctorate.

Dietrich Georg Kieser had been married to Amalie Rosamunde Iphigenie Reil since 1821. The marriage produced several children.

From 1816 Kieser was also a member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, which elected him president in 1858. He held this office until his death. He died in Jena on October 11, 1862.

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Wilhelm Pitt (1862-1935)



Wilhelm Pitt was born in Wernigerode on October 9, 1862.

On the occasion of his 70th birthday, the city of Jena awarded him honorary citizenship on October 9, 1932, in recognition of his commitment to the city over a period of three decades and his ten years as an honorary alderman. Pitt had been a member of the Jena City Council without interruption from 1904 to 1922. Between 1914 and 1919 he was deputy chairman of the city council and from 1921 to 1922 its chairman. On October 19, 1922, he was elected honorary alderman. His responsibilities thus included the Municipal Brewery, whose board of directors he chaired for a long time.

Pitt was also a member of the board of trustees of the Marienhaus women's home under the administration of the Hauptfrauenverein zu Jena, as well as a member of the administrative committee of the "Stiftungssparkasse zu Jena von 1833" for around 24 years.

On his 70th birthday, after having worked selflessly in all municipal matters for three decades and having been an honorary alderman for 10 years, he received the honorary citizenship.

Wilhelm Pitt died in Jena on December 5, 1935.

His gravesite at Johannisfriedhof is one of those named in the honorary graves statutes of the city of Jena.  Pitt's life's work was honored in an obituary in the "Jenaische Zei-tung" of December 6, 1935. Since July 1945 there is also a Wilhelm-Pitt-Weg in Wenigenjena.

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Hereditary burial of the families Adolph Johann Friedrich Rockser master tailor  and

Carl August Johann Friedrich Rockser master butcher


The hereditary burial ground "At the southern wall of the old lower cemetery" was purchased in 1847 by master tailor Adolph Johann Friedrich Rockser (1816-1884), son of master butcher Johann Georg Siegmund Rockser and his wife, Dorothea Johanne, née Beyer.

Adolph Johann Friedrich Rockser was married to Magdalena, née Trockenbrod (1815-1879).


His brother, Carl August Friedrich Johann Rockser (1814-1879), learned the trade of butcher like his father, married Johanne Friederike Henriette, née Wiegand, widowed Dornbluth (1808-1887) and took over the butcher store of Eduard Dornbluth in Johannisstraße.


The following family members found their final resting place in this gravesite:

- Master Tailor Carl Adolph Johann Friedrich Rockser, (1816-1884) and his wife, Magdalena, née Trockebrod (1815-1879);


- Master butcher August Johann Friedrich Rockser (1814-1879) and his wife Johanne Friederike Henriette, née Wiegand, widowed Dornbluth and their children:

- Anna Laura Rockser (27.6.1884-08.08.1884),

- Ernst Rockser (19.02.1881-01.06.1881),

- Johannes Arthur Max Ludwig Rockser (1814-)

- Adelheid Johanne Caroline Wilhelmine (1841-1878)

- Gottfried Joseph Luis Moritz Hermann Rockser (1846-1909), master butcher and his wife, Reinholde, née Krämer (1847-1915)


- Master tailor Oscar Götze (†1880), a cousin.


During the construction of today's "Straße des 17. Juni", in 1938, the bones were moved to the present location.

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